HTTPServer with custom Java rules


We are currently using a local LT HTTP server from the standalone zip, to which we added custom grammar and spellchecker files.

We would now need to add some Java rules that cannot be implemented in XML. I could build a test standalone program that uses the Java API, and saw how to add our existing resources with JLanguageTool.

However we would like to keep using LT’s HTTPServer, ideally by subclassing it, as it already fits our needs. I couldn’t find a clean way to add our own Java/XML rules and resources to it though using the Java API. Is there some procedure for this purpose? We would like to avoid modifying and recompiling LT’s source code for maintenance reasons.

Thank you,

I don’t think this is supported properly. You can add rules with JLanguageTool.addRule() but you’d still need to get that JLanguageTool instance used by your server, then.