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I have ]some problem with language tool

Hello! I think language tools is missing some capitalisation errors. I’m using it through the API. If I send this example text:

Create your own wizard wand to cast spells, make your own magic hat, make ordinary powders mystically foam and change color, create your own test tube crystal ball and more! Includes Citric acid (3oz.), Baking Soda (2oz.), Vegetable oil (2oz.), Cross-linked polyacrylate. copolymer (1oz.), Red cabbage juice powder (0.25oz.), Zinc sulfide (0.07oz.), 12 color tablets, 4 test tubes with a stand, 1 wizard wand with 2 caps, 1 small scoop, 1 medium scoop, 1 sheet of star stickers, 1 sheet of purple paper and 1 science and activity guide. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older with adult supervision.

What it will find is a capitalisation error on ‘copolymer’, and no other capitalisation errors. What I would expect actually is punctuation error just before ‘copolymer’ (should be ‘,’ instead of ‘.’) and more capitalisation errors (‘red’ instead of ‘Red’, ‘zinc’ instead of ‘Zinc’) and so on. These should be easily detected by an algorithm. What am I doing wrong?