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Ide for LT

I think I will have a go at the Idea ide. It looked understandable on my test machine, hiding most tool technicallities. Is it possible to upgrade the free version to the LT full version without challenges like starting all over?

If you’re talking about IntelliJ IDEA, that’s a development environment for Java, I wouldn’t say that it “hides most technicalities”, but feel free to give it a try. I’m not sure I understand your question - but in general, the free version of IntelliJ IDEA is enough to work on LT. If you want to upgrade anyway later, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Okay, it does not hide all, but makes it a lot friendlier anyway. At least versions ar checked, and I can see who changed what in one view. And have all relevant files open. The editor is quite good too.
Compiling is not a success yet, though. I will check the free version.