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Ignore hashtags, user mentions

LanguageTool now ignores URLs and email addresses (i.e. they are not underlined as spelling mistakes). Would it be useful to do the same with hashtags (#hashtag) and user mentions (@username). What do you think?

This issue was mentioned some time ago here:

Yes, also see:

I think having a global disambiguation.xml (that applies to all languages) sounds like a nice solution.

I agree, it sounds nice. So we have: file names, domain names (like, hashtags and user mentions.

I’m wonderig if we will have false negatives in some language. For example, domain names like “” could be an error, although an unusual one (a missing white space plus a missing capitalization). But “es” is a common word in several languages.

I created these rules in Catalan in order to test them:

They seem to work well, without problems.

A global disambiguation.xml file would be easier to maintain (and can be used for other rules, proper nouns, etc.). But it will not allow fine-tuning for each language, so it has to contain only rules fully acceptable to all languages.

I can try to implement the global file in October.

One of the things I see happening a lot, are tags that are incorrect, existing of two parts: #hash tag or #hash-tag (In Dutch, the - is a valid word char, but not a valid tag char for Twitter…