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IKVM/.NET Support With LanguageTool 5.2?

Hi, I’m developing a language-learning game with my thesis using the Unity game engine which uses C# and thus the .NET framework and I was trying to get it to work with IKVM.NET, but it hasn’t been in active development since 2017 so I tried using its latest build to convert the Java jars into dlls but couldn’t get it to work (can’t access the Language classes, but I can access JLanguageTool). Is there a reliable tutorial on this? Or is this no longer officially supported? I’ve only been able to find links to the old wiki which I assume is no longer supported and this thread from 2013 Tagging in French: where can I find the definition of tags - LanguageTool Forum.

Is there any planned support for .NET or at least for IKVM?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I don’t know of any plans for IKVM. Most users use LT via its public or local HTTP API, and that’s what we recommend.

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Ah okay, thank you very much!