I'm having a problem with grammar check

I type some words in the new compose menu, but the message from the LanguageTool Icon saids “Cannot check text—confirm privacy policy first”, and i don’t know how to confirm it. Can someone help me solve this please?
Screenshot (9)

What happens if you click that red exclamation mark?

When clicking on the red exclamation mark will be redirected to the welcome site, so i tried find a way to confirm privacy policy by going to Our Privacy Policy website, but i still couldn’t found the confirmation button. Now can you please help me how to solve this Dnaber.

Could you post an image of that welcome site? You’re supposed to land on a page like this, where you need to click the button:

Also, which browser do you use, and which version of that browser?

Oh wait sure, i already fix it by disabling my ad blockers and now it’s solved. Thank you Dnaber.