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Imperial units rule - pattern tweak?

This is with picky mode on.

First of all, I love that this rule exists. Now, if it could only suggest that imperial units went off and died entirely, we’d be somewhere.

Given a table like this:
|Weight|3.1 kg (6.8 pounds)|
|Height|67.1 cm (26.4 inches)|
|Width|32.3 cm (12.7 inches)|
|Depth|38.6 cm (15.2 inches)|

I get a hit for each of the pounds/inches. But the metric unit is also there. So, any chance:

  1. it could detect the immediate presence, before or after, of metric unit, and not complain if found?
  2. Like the temperature checker, flag gross inaccuracies in conversion? I tried making imperial units wrong, and making metric units wrong, but it doesn’t seem to do any compare. But it would be a cool feature if it did.