Improvement for Google Docs extension


I ask you a little improvement : you know that LanguageTool’s servers are limited to a 20,000 characters input. So on Google Docs, you just get a connection error.
So is it possible that if there is a part of the text selected, it only sends this part to the server so that we don’the exceed the 20,000 characters limit?



This is already implemented. If your text has more than 20,000 characters, you get this message:

The document is too long. Select some text between 20 and 20,000 characters.

If you get a connection error, probably the server is unavailable for some reason.

Jaume Ortolà

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Currently the server only accepts 15,000 characters in an attempt to make the service more stable again (also see API performance issues · Issue #672 · languagetool-org/languagetool · GitHub).

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Ok. I have set the limit at 15,000 characters in the Google Docs add-on to avoid confusion.

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Ok thanks, maybe the connection error was caused by something else…

Just an idea: maybe we could add a ‘getCharCountLimit()’ call to the server’s API. (using it would future-proof the plugin at the very least)