Incompatibility with CodeMirror

Hey there!

I am a frequent wiki editor (such as on Wikipedia). I noticed, that LT is no longer compatible with an extension called “CodeMirror”. It is basically an extension to provide syntax highlighting in an editor – specifically the 2010 Editor on all MediaWiki projects (the software driving a wiki).

I remember LT was working before in this combination, now it doesn’t.

Here’s how you can test it for yourself:

These are the mentioned extensions:

I use the LT Add-on in Chrome 113.0.5672.126.

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Thanks for the report. I’ve opened an issue for our developers. I cannot make any promises about whether/when this will be fixed, though, as it seems to be quite specific (CodeMirror without syntax highlighting seems to be fine).


Hi @dnaber,
We have run in the same problem. Do you have any updates?

The internal issue is closed already, do you still have the issue when using the latest add-on (8.0.6)?

Hello, it seems that I have the same problem. I also use CodeMirror on my own custom app, and I configured it to enable external spellcheckers, but LanguageTool don’t seems to work.

I use the firefox extension, and it seems that it’s not yet on version 8, so that’s maybe the cause of the problem ? Is there any ETA for the update of the firefox extension ?

Thank you !

It’s quite frustrating for us.
Since three years we do have the serious issue that LT doesn’t work properly with texts with mixed languages (english footnotes in a german text). We quite can’t use LT seriously.

Now we did a lot of work to solve that (by changing the way how we implement our footnotes). With this we changed the editor - and now find that LT doesn’t work with our configuration at all.

Meanwhile the costs for building an environment LT can work with are more than ten times the costs of LT itself.