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Incomplete translation

(Ruud Baars) #1

The menu on an error is not in Dutch completely.

Another replacement => Andere suggestie
Report as false… => Meld als onterecht
Examples => Voorbeelden.

If examples is just from the xml, maybe better to not have the option at all. Is there a trick to run LT on a file, collect the output, an put them in the grammar as example automagically?

(Daniel Naber) #2

Thanks, I’ve added those.

Java rules can and should also have examples, but we don’t enforce this.

One could write a script for that - but all XML rules have an example already by definition, the tests would fail otherwise.

(Ruud Baars) #3

I know. But generally, it is just a load of work to add examples. But maybe I will try to write a script to do so. Now the interfaces promises some useful items that are not necessarily there.

(Ruud Baars) #4

A bit more:
De fout en zin aan LanguageTool melden als onterechte melding?

Ondanks het feit dat er veel aandacht aan de regels wordt besteed, blijven suggesties altijd welkom.

Na een klik op ‘OK’ wordt de zin vanzelf opgeslagen.

(PS: OK is wrong in Dutch; it should be oké. But one sees this in every dialog…)

(Daniel Naber) #5

I think these all come from the Java rules. If you can provide examples for these rules, I can add them.

I suggest waiting until the site relaunch, we can then fix translation issues hopefully more easily.