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Incorrect chunk detection

The boy in addition to the friend is delayed.
In the above case ‘friend’ is identified as E-NP-singular but for:
The boy in addition to his friend is delayed.
Here ‘his’ and ‘friend’ are identified as B-NP-plural and E-NP-plural respectively.

The disambiguator log is:
IN_NNUN[2]: in[in/IN,in/NN,in/RP,B-PP] -> in[in/IN,B-PP]
DT_VB_NN[1]: friend[friend/NN,friend/VB,friend/VBP,E-NP-singular] -> friend[friend/NN,E-NP-singular]
VBN_VBD[1]: delayed[delayed/JJ,delay/VBD,delay/VBN,I-VP] -> delayed[delay/VBN,I-VP]

Can anyone guide me how to correct this?

We rely on OpenNLP for chunking, and it internally uses statistics, so it will not be 100% correct. I don’t know of a way to fix specific cases. Details about chunking can be found at

Wanted to know which library is used for POS tagging? Is it also OpenNLP?

No, we use our own dictionary with some disambiguation.