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Incorrect suggestion given by languagetool

Hi, may be it is one of the rare cases but we face this case in which languagetool made a suggestion for correction of a wrong word with a wrong word in return.

When we searched for the word in the leo dictionary both the words mentioned in the sentence and in the languagetool correction is wrong. The riht word actually is “Unterschriftsbeglaubigung” not “Unterschriftenbeglaubigung” or “Unterschriftendbeglaubigung”.

Can we some how update this in languagetool ??

Hi @Mariamriaz!

Thank you for taking the time to give us this tip! Your feedback helps us make LT better :slight_smile:

“Unterschriftenbeglaubigung” seems like a legal term. Leo is not an infallible reference for technical terms. The word appears to exist (just like “Unterschriftsbeglaubigung”), so I forwarded the suggestion of adding the two words to our dictionary to our German team. Our suggestion in this case makes no sense, that’s right :sweat_smile:

Thank you again for taking the time and contributing with your feedback!


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Is submission of such problems to this forum the ideal method of reporting such problems?

The best way to report such issues is by opening a ticket at GitHub.

@BEEDELLROKEJULIANLOC, thank you for your bug report!
No need to convert this specific one to a GitHub issue, I’ve just pushed a fix for it :nerd_face:

Thank you for the feedback!!