Indent with Grammar Checker Browser Plugin

Hey there,

Im using the Grammar Checker & Paraphraser – LanguageTool in Brave Browser and Firefox.
Is there a possibility to remove the indent the Plugin is inserting at the Beginning of a letter?
See Details in my Screenshot

Thank you

Thanks for the report. Could you please let us know where you took that screenshot and what exactly the workflow was? I’m still trying to reproduce the issue.

This is the the message box of Zammad (the Helpdesk Software).
The second i click in a new empty message box, the plugin in generating 3 idents for the first 3 lines somehow.
Here in the message box on the forum everything works fine.

Thanks. I’ve created an internal ticket for this, but I cannot make any promises about the priority this gets assigned. Could you also explain if this is just a visual issue, or if there are actually spaces or other unwanted characters in the text?

Thank you. Easy, all good. Its just a visual issue. The messages gets send the correct way as far as i could test.