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Installation on ubuntu 12.04 has Java Errors

LibreOffice, Build ID: 350m1(Build:2)
ubuntu 12.04 32-bit (one machine)
ubuntu 12.04 64-bit (one machine)

For both machines, java is 1.7.0_55

On both machines when Languagetools is installed, there is a extremely verbose series of
Java error messages. The message popup does not give me the ability to copy the text, so
I am uploading a screen shot of the errors.

I note that in both machines, Languagetools does show up in the “Tools” menu, but does not
appear to be functional
language_tool_java_error.png (198 KB)


  • tim -

From :

Make sure Java 7 or later from Oracle is installed on your system.

Make sure this version of Java is selected in LibreOffice (Tools -> Options -> Advanced) or (Tools -> Options -> Java).

Again : LibreOffice on 64-bit ubuntu. (Mac Mini dual-boot with rEFIt)
I picked Tools from the menu
Then selected the Options item.
The invoked window has a list of expandable items on the left.
I expanded the “LibreOffice” Item
I chose the subordinate item “Java”
I noted that there were two versions of Java displayed there.
(sun 1.6.0_3 and oracle 1.7.0_55) and that the sun version was
selected and therefore activated.

I selected the oracle version, restarted. Added LanguageTool without error
and it is now working.

Thank you for your quick response which solved my problem.
Good job.

  • tim -