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Installing the "Stand-alone for your Desktop" version

Hello, guys.

Can anyone tell me how do I do in order to install in my computer the “Stand-alone for your Desktop” version of

I’ve been using it as an extension, and it works fine. But I’d like to have it checking everything I write in my computer. That’s why I tried to install de “Desktop” version.

However, I don’t find any “exe” file. The zip only contains other type of files, but I find no way to install it in my Windows 7 computer.

Can you help me?


just "java.exe -jar " one of the *.jar files

I’m sorry, but there’s no such file inside the zip they provide to download the desktop version.

That will probably not work as you want it to. The desktop version is not a system-wide grammar checker.

If you have the right version of Java installed, double-click the file languagetool.jar and paste your text there, correct it, then copy it back to the original application.

then you must have a corrupt download, as their should be at least 3 *.jar files. (or have you forgotten what the * stands for?)