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Integration with Website

Hello, I noticed the Langaugetool can only be integrated with the forms, but my project involves the usage of form. So I am having two forms now.

I don’t want to have two forms, how can I set it that the language tool will work automatically(it will check for errors as the user start typing, so they don’t need to click the button)?

Sorry, this is currently not supported. You’d need to modify the integration script for tinyMCE yourself.

Hello, @dnaber, I came across languagetool API for python, but I am having issue with displaying the correct sentence. I checked the API, I can’t find anything related to the correct sentence.

LanguageTool doesn’t correct the sentence for you, it only point to potentials errors and sometimes offers corrections. See!/default/post_check and in the JSON response, look for matches and offset and length.