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International names

International names are sometimes added to a spelling file (which?) that will allow the entry in every language.
Sometimes, however, a language might have a different preferred spelling. Dutch examples:
Londen for London, Parijs for Paris.
How do we assure such entries are not in the general file, or are excepted for a language?

This is the file for “global spelling”:

I have pointed out sometimes similar issues. Not only different spellings, but also words that are too similar to other words and can cause undetected errors.

Maintainers should check regularly this file and ask to remove problematic words.

I already see some conflicts. 3letter spelled acronyms for file names e.g. that are not the Dutch preferred spelling.
Will have to check thoroughly when back home. Also saw a sun in the list.

I will also check the Dutch database fo more of these names, which could be added to serve other languages.