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iOS app defaulting back to "English - United States"

Can anyone tell me how I stop the iOS app from defaulting back to “English - United States”?

Im in Notes, Mail or another app.

  1. I select English - United Kingdom, hit confirm.

  1. Close down the app I’m typing in.

  2. I go back in, it’s defaulted back to “English - United States.”

I have rebooted my phone several times.

I have uninstalled LT, rebooted, re-installed several times.
I am clearly missing something. I just don’t know what is.
Under “General Settings”
Display Language set to English
Mother Tongue set to English
Language Varieties Interpret English as English (British)

I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Device: iPhone12,1
OS: 15.5
App: 1.2.3

@gregjrs Thank you for the detailed description of the problem. This seems to be a bug in our code. We will do our best to fix the issue in the next version of the iOS app. I will keep you updated :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!
Christian from LanguageTool