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Is "LanguageTool proofreader" the official Android app?

There is an Android app called “LanguageTool proofreader” in the Play Store

And I was wondering if it is the official app, because I could not find it on GitHub and it does not work on my phone, and I was interested in trying to fix it.

You can find the source at

We’ve seen cases where it doesn’t work on Samsung devices. The reason why is that Samsung changes the spell-checking API that Android provides, making it impossible to actually do any check

This was on a Nexus 5X with LineageOS 15.1 also know as Android 8.1

I side-loaded the 32-bit version of the app on my Samsung Galaxy TabPRO SM-T900 12.2" with Android Lollipop (v5.1.1) along with the Universal Dictionary Manager (UDM) for a complete solution. Both work great together. I used QuickSpell Premium (no longer available) by MobiSystems for years, but it was just getting too old and Mobi dropped development. With LT, I finally get suggestions with newer apps (on my LG phone, too).

I, too, want to work on the code and customize it for my Samsung, but if you’ve gotten anywhere, you’d save me a lot of time (I’m in the middle of a complicated project right now, so I cannot get to it for awhile).

Let me know!

Hi, the source code for the Android version is available at It’s written by Jordi Mas, but it uses the official LT servers just like the website does.

Been there, done that…

@muhaha This is just a frontend for LanguageTools using the regular Android spelling API. I’m not sure much more can be done to make it work on devices with the API removed, but it doesn’t really look customizable either (as far as current features).

I’m not going to pursue this, myself.

I was able to turn off everything except the spell checker, but I’d rather write my own from scratch, though just spell checking works for now. I have a number of projects and I’d be at least a year before I could turn my full attention to this. The only caveat is that I did it for the en-US language only (UPDATE: possibly all languages now, I just have no easy way to check). But, it would be simple enough to add another language (not me, but whomever might be interested). I may make some additional tweaks (though enabling only spell checking clears up a lot of problems), but that’ll be here and there. I’d like to clean up the parser so grammar works better, but that would require more time.

If anyone is interested, let me know. The biggest problem I have with the LanguageTool Proofreading code itself is its licensing. I’m all for open source, but I don’t (nor will I ever) deal with GNU (GPL)! If it was licensed Apache, MIT, or any of the less restrictive licenses, I’d be more willing to turn my attention to it.