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Is the standalone version of LanguageTool still available for download?

I’m updating the instructions to setup the LanguageTool Vim plugin at

In that page, I have a section which says:

Download the stand-alone version of LanguageTool(LanguageTool-*.zip) from here ( using the orange button labeled “LanguageTool for standalone for your desktop”.

This is clearly outdated after the LanguageTool website was reorganized.
I don’t see the link to download the standalone LanguageTool-*.zip anymore.
Is it still available?

I see at least the daily snapshot of the standalone LanguageTool-*.zip files at:

But I don’t know where are the stable versions of the standalone version.

Personally, I would prefer if the LanguageTool website had a separate “Download” page with a Download button at the top. That Download page could have details about everything that can be downloaded (LibreOffice plugin, Firefox plugin, standalone plugin, external link to third party plugins (vim, emacs, sublime, word, etc.) Some of this is currently on the page page which takes too much space for a main branch, and it’s incomplete.

For comparison, the download section of the the French grammar checker “Grammalecte” is clearer to me than what I see on See:

Opinions? always points to the latest version.

Nice idea. I agree.