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Issue when using languagetool on docker

When i am running java application using docker image or aws batch job i am facing issue at INSTANCE(new AmericanEnglish()); org.languagetool.language.AmericanEnglish

Getting error:

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.LanguageInitializer
2021-03-17T11:25:48.491+05:30 at com.SpellCorrectUtil.getNewLanguageTool(
2021-03-17T11:25:48.491+05:30 at com.helper.TwoTokenFileLoader.loadFile(

Java used:openjdk:11.0.3-jdk-stretch


When i run jar at local with java 8 it works fine.

Please help

Hi @subha_rock :wave:

Are you using a custom-built image, or one of the community-contributed ones?

I’ve used those 2 recently and didn’t encounter any Could not initialize class errors. (Combined with Firefox addon; Using US English & German).