"..." issue with unknown error (sic)

I have one more suggestion for DEV-s:
I often use “…”, (Writing moody texts), and it wants to be changed to “…” why?
Is there something with database or LT started to check kernel.
What is wrong with LT to decipher this correctly and is it the kernel check used to mess with it?

Copy text and see what LT is thinking of it, ROTFL…

As the message for ... says, “Consider using the typographical ellipsis character here instead.”, i.e. there’s a typographical character that might look better than three dots in a row. The message only appears in picky mode, maybe you want to turn it off.

No, picky mode is for me, and difference in kernel nowadays is unfortunately disregarded and ignored. Never in my 50 years history had 3 dots as a typo sign. OMG, this must come with stupid phones.