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[italian] Add rule for Nessun'altro error

Good morning,
can i post some rules to add in italian Grammar?

Hi Roberto. Sure you can post rules, contributions are very welcome.

Can you try this for Nessun altro?

    <!-- Italian rule, 2017-01-12 -->
<rule id="NESSUN_ALTRO" name="Nessun altro">
 <message>Nessun altro non necessita di ' perché è maschile.</message>
 <example correction=''><marker>Nessun'altro</marker></example>
 <example>Nessun altro</example>

Nessun’altro (INCORRECT)
Nessun altro (CORRECT)

@Paolo_Bianchini, could you have a look?

Hi @robinca!
Thank you for your contribution! I have added the rule to LanguageTool. (In the online version it will be available on Saturday or Sunday)

@dnaber: The rule seems legit according to this website or this.

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