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Italic suggestions in LibreOffice



When LT finds foreigner words in a Portuguese document, it suggests to change them to italic.

However, in the suggestion pop-up window, there is no italic.

I believe it was you who patched LO to accept colours.

I was wondering if you could patch it (LO 6.3?) in order to identify/suggest italic words.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

I belive the custom underline LO integration was solely done by @Fred.Kruse.


Ahhh… sorry… I thought it was done by the other person.

Thanks, Tiago.

Fred, could you integrate the italic feature into LO 6.3 since it is still in alpha stage?


Hello Marco,
sorry for answering so late, but I’m very busy at the moment.

I tried to test the sentence in your example. I switched to Portuguese for text language, but I used the German user interface. There doesn’t appear any italic letters. I could not reproduce the bug.
Could you give me an example?

By the way: I wonder that my change in LO could really do this effect. I did only a very little change in the code. A number for a color is read out of a property and stored in another internal container. This number replaces the standard number (light blue).

Kind regards

Hello Fred,

Go to and change the editor gadget to Portuguese.

Then write there:
O software é muito bom.

It will highlight “software” saying it is a foreign word and that it should be written in italic or use quotes.

But, there is no option in the pop-up menu to change words to italic.

OK, now I understand the problem.
You want a feature, which introduce a format change instead of a replacement of letters.
This is not simple. It is a big change in code in LO. I’m not able to do this, I know too few of C+±programming. You could try to ask to add this feature in the LO developer community.
If you find someone, also on the side of LT has to be done a lot of development, as far as I see.


Isn’t there a simpler approach?

For example, in LibreOffice to turn a word to bold one just needs to add * at each side of the word: *Marco*

Maybe there is a similar feature for italic?


I have just found how to do it:
Turns the word to italic.

Could it be implemented in the LanguageTool extension for LibreOffice?

If I understand you right, you want to have a suggestion of the word in italic letters. Before we could discuss an implementation in LO extension, we have to clarify how such an suggestion could be formulated when a rule is implemented.
@danielnaber: Or exist some kind of mechanism to define a suggestion to change a word to italic letters in LT

No, all suggestions are plain text.

As far as I see, such an implementation would be a very big effort:

  1. A syntax has to be installed to define a suggestion for a format change to italic
  2. LanguageTool analyses only plain text till now. A test of format has to be implemented. It has to test if the format of the word isn’t already italic.
  3. The Standalone application works only with plain text. It has to be completely overworked (Show and test formatted text).
  4. The LO Extension works with the standard interface for grammar checking, that uses only plain text. Till know there is no idea to analyze the format too.
  5. I don’t know how much afford it will take to adapt menu items to display them in italic

On the other hand I don’t like to use formatting to solve grammatical or stylistic problems. If you do some overall formatting on your text, the format could be changed. The same problem could arise when you change the document format (e.g. create an eBook). If you do some citation the format may lost (Copy and paste from one document to an other).
So I think it is a much better way to handle the problem to enclose the word with quotes.