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Java/LT4.8 Error messages

I have been using LT/Libre Office under Windows for a longish while. Recently updated to LT4.8 and coincidentally to Java1.8.0_251.
I now keep getting the following message, Can anyone explain it and how to rid myself of the problem please?

Is there a way to reproduce this, i.e. does it happen after specific steps? Does it happen with any document, or only with specific ones? Could you provide the document (with personal information removed, if needed)?

Maybe it’s already solved in the current development version (

No way to reproduce, and the documents are very sensitive.
I tried the 5.0 vesion you pointed me to and ths did exactly the same thing. After a few days, it seemed to settle down, and I haven’t had a crash for 2-3 days, even allowing for the weekend.
I really can’t explain it, buut if you have any other thoughts, please pass them on.

Best wishes