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Keeps requesting server - Thunderbird

I installed Language tool with Open Office, and want tot use it with Thunderbird, but the Grammar check tool keeps asking for localhost:8081 without success. Does Thunderbird need an own LanguageTool installation and where to find?
Thanks in advance.

You can download the “Desktop Version” from and set Run as server on port in the options dialog.

However, the Thunderbird add-on isn’t maintained anymore I think and there’s a good chance it simply won’t work.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for helping, though as you already thought the language tool didn’t work with the grammar checker. I loaded the languagetool.jar and checked the box at Run as server. Although the Grammar checker asks for port 8081 it doesn’t connect. This was W10. I tried on Vista and that worked, but going back to Vista is no good option.
I find it rather strange that only Outlook provides multi-language grammar checking. Outlook doesn’t work fine with IMAP, so I am stuck with Thunderbird, but without grammar checking. Thanks again!