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Keyboard Shortcut

Are there keyboard shortcuts for the Firefox and Thunderbird plugins so that I don’t have to click on the word with a mouse to see the issue for the underlined word?

Shift-F10 just returns the regular pop-up.

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Not yet, but it’s on our wishlist.

That would amazing! Alternatively, if the keybinding is an issue, could there be an LT entry in the regular pop-up, which when selected would trigger the display of the LT pop-up?

Shortcuts will be in version 5.2.0, which has been released for Chrome today. Roll-out to all users (Chrome and the other browsers) might take a 5-7 days. You’ll need to visit the settings to activate the shortcut, it’s off by default. The shortcut can be Ctrl-Ctrl (i.e. Ctrl pressed twice with little delay) or Shift-Shift.


nice! Do you know when it will reach thunderbird? The addon version number seems to lag a bit behind there (5.0.6)

Sorry, I can’t make any predictions for the release for Thunderbird yet.