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Language-detector unmaintained

GitHub - optimaize/language-detector: Language Detection Library for Java is not maintained since 2016. It makes it difficult to add new-languages for languagetool. several pull-request to add language into language-detector are ignored. May be language-tool should take language-detector on its wing and maintain it accordingly. Or use a different language detector package. If either choose are not appealing, at least make language-tool not crash when there is a language, which is supported in language-tool, but not in language-detector. Detecting a language is anyway a nice to have, but not necessary. people should be able to use language-tool without language detection as long as they do not use ‘language=auto’. If you make language-detection optional, that would be great feature to have. It will save the detection time, plus avoid dealing with language-detector.jar all together. In general, not good to have dependency on something that was not maintained for 6+ years.