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Language-Pairs and what I do in the process

Hello again today.
I use a process which I refer to as working with language-pairs.
The pairs I use are English to German, German to English, English to French and I am beginning to use English to Italian and English to Spanish.
The real work is related to using the first two language pairs mentioned of English to German and German to English.
I have a rules System that I have devised for the Frameworks that I have created for the language-pairs.
The rules concept is one that I have developed and implemented.
The process steps are not programmed but use a well designed Markup System.
The concept is also driven by Goals related to creating an affinity between the sentences in the pair so that the result meets my expectations.
I would like to share my approaches with Forum users when I have got to the point that “LanguageTool” is operational as a stand-alone tool on my System.
I hope that we get to working closer together.
Kind regards pm.forkin.