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Language Server for LanguageTool


I have begun work on a new integration for LanguageTool in the way of implementing a server speaking the Language Server Protocol. My immediate target is Visual Studio Code; however, the server component could be used with a number of other editors. Currently, I have both the Language Server and the VS Code extension in the same repository, though I plan split them once matured.

The Visual Studio Code extension lives at:
The language server is at:

There is still a bit of work to go before I can publish to the VS Code Marketplace, but right now it will show the found problems for English (any variant) and replacing with the suggestions works.


Is there any chance I could have permission to use the LanguageTool logo with this?

I think I have the code ready to be able to send a first release to the Visual Studio Code Marketplace, I am just working now trying to get some publication stuff done via Travis CI instead of doing it on my local command line.

(Daniel Naber) #3

Yes, feel free to use it (at least for now, I cannot promise that I'll never have to withdraw that permission).


It lives!!

To get it to publish, I had to restrict it to English to reduce the file size. With all languages included it was coming in at 105 MB while the limit is 100 MB.

(Lodewijk Arie van Brienen) #5

Can't you set the languages up as sub-extensions? set them up as 'language-packs'. (If the marketplace admins agree to this, then any user will be able to choose what languages they'll use it for and not have to bother with downloading the rest.)


Good idea! I think that can work. The marketplace supports dependencies for extensions, so I could make an extension per language and make them all dependent on a core extension that actually provides the functionality. A quick demo shows extensions do not (currently) appear to be sandboxed at all and I can peek into other extension's files.

Originally I had been thinking the extension would need to download the languages. That is what RedHat's Java extension did before the limit was raised enough they could ship directly. Multiple extensions seems like it would a better user experience.


@SkyCharger001 I took your advice and it worked well! There is now a an updated version of the VSCode extension and a language support extension for every LanguageTool language.