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Language Tool 1.6

If you get “Could not create Java implementation loader”, try this: Got to Tools -> Options -> Java, uncheck “Use a Java runtime environment”, exit and start it again, check “Use a Java runtime environment” again and try to install/activate the LanguageTool extension (source) - please let us know if this worked for you

This is not working what you recommended…

I agree with Neil, the problem of “Could not create Java implementation loader” is not solved with the unchecking and checking of the Java.

I’m trying to find another solutions to same message (not for the language tool), but any of them runs. The only that may be would be to uninstall the Libre Office, to reinstall the Open Office, to install the Language tool, and then to uninstall the OO and to install again the LO. To much movement and work for a subject that would have to be much simply.