Language Tool 6.0 settings crashes Libreoffice


I’m am using Linux Mint 20.3 and upgraded to Libra Office with Language Tool version 6.0. In addition, I am using a private java build of 1.8.0 as the Ubuntu version 11.0.17 causes an error when trying to install LT version 6.

The issue is that whenever I click on the LT settings or About it freezes LibreOffice Writer and then have to force quit.

Do you know what causes this? Also, how to fix it?


I’m a windows user and the same happend to me. I solved it by installing the version 5.9.1 from LT until another corrected version is issued.
Hope it helps you too.

I can’t reproduce the problem. Could you please post the LanguageTool log-file after the crash?
Happened it with an empty document?

Just to let everyone know I fixed the issue by changing the Java environment in Libra Office from the Custom one to Ubuntu version 11.0.17.