Language Tool doesn't work on Overleaf anymore

LanguageTool used to work on Overleaf until like two weeks ago. Any suggestions what happened and how to fix it?

LanguageTool is still supposed to work in “Rich text” and “Source (legacy)” views. The “Source” view has been changed by Overleaf and it will require larger changes on our side to make it work again. I can’t tell yet when/if we’ll work on those changes.

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Thanks! I am so used to the “Source” view, that I did not try the other views. They work perfectly fine!

Hi, is there any update on this? I cannot use LanguageTool in Overleaf again.

LanguageTool still works for me in “Source (legacy)” and “Rich Text” modes. It does currently not work in “Source” view.

any update or other solution? “Source (legacy)” mode is gone on my instance. Rich Text mode does not work for me neither.

It works for me with (with all three modes I see) the latest version of the add-on, 6.2.0. If it doesn’t work for you, could you please send a screenshot?

Hi Daniel, the update to the latest version solved the problem, for some reason the plugin did not update automatically. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks a lot!