Language Tool (LT) has stopped working

14NOV2023 For some reason the wonderful Language Tool which I use with Firefox browser as an official Firefox app is not working anymore. I have been using it since this summer and it is really excellent. It has stopped working before, so I would just go to the little icon up top and turn off then turn on the little virtual toggle button and it would work again. A couple of weeks ago this became a constant problem. I go into Firefox Add-ons and it is there, it is fully on, so what has happened here?
I use it in two different languages and it is very important to my daily operation.
Thanks so much for answering!

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing it the add-on? If that doesn’t help, which version of Firefox do you use? Does it help if you temporarily disable all other add-ons?

Thank you Mr. Naber for the suggestion, and yes, I did this. However, it takes time, is a bother, and shouldn’t really be happening. Naturally it is a free app, so not complaining. It is just that it worked perfectly for months… Cheers!