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Language-Tool on a Mac with LibreOffice

is there a workaround for the Mac to get LanguageTool run? Currently it seems it is NOT possible:

  • LibreOffice=32bit program --> only supports 32Bit Java=that from Apple, which is v1.6 and incompatible with LT.
  • Oracle only offers a 64Bit java7 version for Mac, which doesn’t work with LibreOffice

  • It would be great, if there were a version of LT, which also works with 1.6 (Duden Korrektor works with this, combined with LibreOffice 4.0 (not 4.1))
  • Or if there is a way to get a 32bit v1.7 java onto the Mac

Did anyone find a way to make LT work on a Mac?

Best regards, Michael

You can use LanguageTool 2.2 with Java 6. It’s available from