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Language tool - OpenOffice - Tamil Language

Hi I am new to LanguageTool and OpenOffice. I installed OpenOffice 4.1.2. I also add Extension file from LanguageTool-3.9.oxt and

When I add file it shows the error

My question is whether we need only oxt file or zip or both.

I want to to do tamil grammer check and spell check and sandhi check.

Can somebody tell me the proceedure

I have attached screenshot of error zip image file

In OpenOffice and LibreOffice you only need to install the oxt.


Thanks for your quick reply

And one more questions

When I spell check in OpenOffice, spell check and gramer checking by language tool.

But we have to do spell check thrice or more. Because it will not shows the grammer error at a time. It has been skipped some words. When I second time spell check it shows the error. What is the problem?

Why? Can you tell me, thanks

Can you see the underlined word. This file I spell check 3 times. But no error in the spell menu options. But in the file it is underlined. What is the problem. LanguageTool is not fully spell checker for Tamil

Please tell me