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Language tool spell checker bug with Firefox and Yahoo

Hi, I’m using your spell checker with Firefox, no problems until the last update? Now, when writing a new email message, not a reply, the text page flashed on and off. It does not do it if i turn off the spell check or attach a file or it is a reply.

Also, with the spell check on, the writing lag is terrible, I can’t write an email as its so slow. Turn off spell check and its fine.

I have used other servers and no problem.

I have used Firefox in safe mode turning off add-ons and no problem

It is definitely the language tool, but it only appears to cause issues on Yahoo, its working perfect as I write this!


Hi Nick, thanks for your feedback. We know about the issue, and we hope that it can be solved with the next update in maybe 1 or 2 weeks.

I forgot to ask: The lag happens mostly with longer emails, doesn’t it?

Hi Daniel, thanks for the speedy reply. Great news. The lag in my case begins from the moment I begin to type. sorry!


Some more questions from our developer:

  • Could you create a short screencast (just a few seconds) that shows the issue?
  • What kind of hardware do you use?
  • What other add-ons do you use?

Hi Dan,

Here is a link to a short film clip

The film is of the flashing problem. As mentioned, it only occurs when a new email is started, not as a return message. It stops with attachments and as you will see in the film, when language tool is turned off.

I have solved the lag for now by going to Firefox preferences on their add-ons page and unselecting their spell checker, i noticed I had your add-on running but also had Firefox spell checker box ticked also.

I use a Dell Inspiron, with a intel core i5 processor (sorry, i’m not very good with technology) with Microsoft 10.


Thanks for the video, that’s a great help. Our developer will have a look soon.

The latest add-on release (2.1.1) already has some optimizations, could you see if that already helps? The version is being rolled out now, if you don’t have it, you should get it automatically in the next 24 hours.