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Language Tool version upgrade from 3.7 to 4.7 degrading the performance drastically

We have updated the language tool version from 3.7 to 4.7 and trying to check the grammar for the British English, Portugal Portuguese and Spanish and have observed that the time taken to check grammar has increased by 600%.

With language Tool version 3.7, time taken to check grammar for 27000 statements was 50 mins.
With language Tool version 4.7, time taken to check grammar for 27000 statements was 6+ hours and still not completed for all the statements.

We see that new rules have been added after v3.7 making it heavy to process.
Kindly help us with this.

can we have a update on this issue please.

can we skip upgrading some of the languages’s version?

Does the processing time decrease if you deselect the rules that you do not want? If the processing time does not decrease, you can always delete the rules in the grammar.xml file that you do not want (or put them into comments).