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LanguageTool 4.1 Snapshot

(Aafreen) #1

Failed to execute goal on project languagetool-standalone: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.languagetool:languagetool-standalone:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT: The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.languagetool:language-en:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-fa:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-fr:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-de:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-de-DE-x-simple-language:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-pl:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-ca:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-it:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-br:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-nl:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-pt:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-ru:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-ast:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-be:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-zh:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-da:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-eo:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-gl:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-el:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-ja:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-km:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-ro:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-sk:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-sl:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-sr:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-es:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-sv:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-ta:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-tl:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT, org.languagetool:language-uk:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT: Could not find artifact org.languagetool:language-en:jar:4.1-SNAPSHOT in sonatype-nexus-snapshots ( -> [Help 1]

How to resolve this issue? Please let me know.

(Daniel Naber) #2

You need to call mvn install first (and only once) in the root directory with all LanguageTool-related sources. You can use mvn install -DskipTests to speed it up.

(Aafreen) #3

Yes. I have done that. That error was cleared. But experiencing some new error…

Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.mojo:exec-maven-plugin:1.2.1:exec (default-cli) on project languagetool-standalone: Command execution failed. Process exited with an error: 1 (Exit value: 1) -> [Help 1]

(Daniel Naber) #4

Could you attach the complete output? The real error is probably somewhere before in the output.

(Aafreen) #5


RuleTest.testJavaRules:53->testExamples:78->testCorrectExamples:87 » Runtime C…

Running org.languagetool.rules.RuleTest
Tests run: 1, Failures: 0, Errors: 1, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 38.015 s <<< FAILURE! - in org.languagetool.rules.RuleTest
testJavaRules(org.languagetool.rules.RuleTest) Time elapsed: 38.014 s <<< ERROR!
java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not load dictionary from /sr/dictionary/ekavian/serbian.dict

(Daniel Naber) #6

Are you sure you have the latest source code without any local changes? The tests run fine for me and on our CI server. But with the -DskipTests parameter, the tests should be skipped (of course the issue needs to be solved sooner or later anyway).

(Aafreen) #7

How to run langauge tool http embeded server…
How to give parameters…
(Ex.: http://localhost:8081/?language=ru&text=№&srctext=No.&motherTongue=en )

with text, language, enabled also not working…

(Daniel Naber) #8

Please see and

(Aafreen) #9

Thank you. Pls let me know what is the use of startpos variable?

(Daniel Naber) #10

I’m not sure, where do you see startpos?

(Lodewijk Arie van Brienen) #11

just a guess, but I personally use startPos or something contextually descriptive like xStart as an offset variable for when accessing an array.


for (var tmp=0;tmp<smallArray.length;tmp++)
smallArray[tmp] = bigArray[(startPos+tmp)%bigArray.length]

(Aafreen) #12

Thank you… Yes, I have checked. This is for offset.