Languagetool and wikipedia's bots

First I’d like to congratulate everyone who work on languagetool.

Wikipedia has many bots[0], some of them for grammar checking, which use rules just like the ones languagetool uses. I’d like to know if anyone has checked the bots and/or asked for help to the people who run them. Just to not duplicate work.

[0]Wikipedia:Bots - Wikipedia


Hi Marcos,

I’m not aware of a bot that does style and grammar checking and I couldn’t find one on Wikipedia:Bots/Status - Wikipedia. If you know one, please let us know.


I can’t find one either but I’m sure a read about it somewhere.
In the meantime, check:


The most famous typo corrector on German Wikipedia is actually not a bot Benutzer:Aka/Tippfehler entfernt – Wikipedia although he uses scripts to detect them, but everything is done half-manually with automatisation scripts.