LanguageTool behavior

I’m a bit disappointed by the recent LanguageTool behavior, it often suggested me typos as corrections and often applied a correction just to add another typo.

Another example is with accented words, like for example wouldn’t. Occasionally I insert a 0 (so I type wouldn'0t) as on the keyboard is at its right but LanguageTool detects the typo, proposes the correct word but excludes everything from the right of the ' while the solution was just to remove the 0. It works with any other character though, and any verb that ends in n't. I wanted to tell it here because I reported similar stuff recently on GitHub, I didn’t want to go on more than the necessary. On one of the next updates I’d really like if LanguageTool applies corrections in a smarter way if possible, this saves me from repeated checks. Because this thing often brings my attention back to what I thought I corrected and, in my case, there’s the risk of sending e-mails with typos that may change or alter the context. A thing I can’t stand, knowing that I have an extension that is premised to prevent me from leaving typos.

Thanks for the report. Could you confirm this only happens on some websites and not, for example, on LanguageTool browser add-on test (if you try with the same sentence)?

Yes, happens the same. Here are other 2:

In this last one I simply don’t understand why it suggests only that discarding the previous one. Also, on Editor I noticed that scrolling the page with an overlay it scrolls away with the page, is it normal?

I’ve opened an issue for the developers about that.

About the other issues: the screenshots make this hard to reproduce, as the error card sometimes covers part of the text. It would be great if you could post affected sentences as text, so we can directly copy and paste them to reproduce the issue.

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Sorry, I should have told that happens on different webpages, not only on the Editor :sweat_smile:. For example I noticed it in the Editor, here on this forum and on Zorin Forum. Here are the sentences:

Luckily Discord allows hiding unwanted stuff so I always make a bit of order and list only what I’m really interested.

Rootkit: allows an unauthorized user to gain root permissions, for example system administrator privileges, and thus full access to a device.

Of course you can find help on other websites but going directly to the official one is more suggested as there’s peoples who know much about that specific service or device.

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