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LanguageTool Capabilities

I am trying to write some XML rules for English, and was wondering if it is possible to add a suggestion for a rule, without putting it in the message tag?

For some of the rules I am writing I would like to just have a generic message, but have quite a few suggestions in the suggestion list (just like what happens with the “Possible Spelling Mistake Found” rule. It has that general message, but multiple suggestions).

On a different matter, is there any way to enable or disable entire categories of rules using the HTTP server? I can only work out how to disable individual rules.


It’s possible like this:

<suggestion>my suggestion 1</suggestion>
<suggestion>my suggestion 2</suggestion>

Disabling categories when querying the HTTP server isn’t possible, sorry.

Hi Daniel,

With regards to enabling/disabling categories when querying the server, is there a reason why this shouldn’t be done?

I am happy to modify the code to allow this to happen from a server query - I imagine it could be done in a similar way to how rules are enabled or disabled from the query.

Is this an addition you would be interested in having in LanguageTool?

I think this hasn’t been implemented because the client could as well filter the result, i.e. use only matches from some categories. The only drawback is that the check might be a bit slower, if the user had disabled many and/or large categories. Also, the categories have names, not ids, so the category names need to be properly escaped by the client. Other than that, I don’t think anything speaks against this feature, so contributions are welcome.