LanguageTool Chrome extension messes up Mailster in Wordpress

Hi there.

To set up and send newsletters, we use the Mailster plugin in Wordpress. I noticed that the LanguageTool Chrome extension adds a line at the very bottom. And the more often I save and reopen the newsletter, the more lines are added. If I turn off the LanguageTool extension then nothing is wrong. Is this a known issue? And more important: can it be fixed? :wink:

Sorry about that. It’s a known bug and the developers are aware of it and will try to fix it for the next release (I can’t say when that will be, though).

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the ultrafast reply! I will wait patiently. In the meanwhile, I will use Edge to set up the newsletters because I don’t use the languageTool plugin in Edge.

Have a nice day!