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Languagetool doesn't work at

I’m using an online note software named roamedit( It’s a very popular software with more than tens of thousands of users, but grammar doesn’t work normally on it. That is very pity, so I hope to give you this feedback.

It seems that Languagetool have made targeted optimization for Roam research (grammarly works normally on roam Research). roamedit and Roam research are the same type of note software(quite similar). Maybe Languagetool can use the same optimization method in roamedit? I don’t know actually, just a thought,haha, hope your early reply.

Thanks, we’ve opened an issue for our developers. The cause of the problem is that the site uses spellcheck=false, which turns off all spell checking, including LanguageTool.

Thank you very much Daniel, I have already told the DEV of what the problem is, and they fixed it, so languagetool can work perfectly on right now, thank you for your help.