LanguageTool doesn't work in Wordpress

LanguageTool extension (Chrome) stopped working on WordPress. I reinstalled the extension, cleared cache and rebooted the system, but the issue persists. How can I solve it?

Could you describe what exactly the issue is? Do you use or a self-hosted WordPress?

I use a self-hosted WordPress. The language check seems not to be activated, but it is. Please see the screenshot. No spelling mistakes are highlighted, however there are many in the text. It used to work, but suddenly stopped. The language I write in is Polish, and it has been set as one of the languages I use. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Do you know which version of WordPress that is? Also, can you reproduce the problem with a free account on, or does it work there (it works there for me)?

I have the same problem. LT worked some week (months?) ago.
I am sure: It does not have to do with my system!
LT now works in very few forms (so it works!), but not in Wordpress and others.
I use Windows 10, up to date Firefox and up to date Wordpress.
Ad blocker Ghostery is deactivated for my site (as there is nothing to block)

Please check your Plugin!

It works for me on, and we also haven’t received other reports about issues with WordPress recently. Do you use your own WordPress installation? Have you tried a different browser? What exactly do you mean when you say it doesn’t work?