Languagetool doesn't work on Anytype app.

Hello LT community :metal:t3:

I am a coach, researcher and content creator.
I write in 3 languages and for that, I have been using LanguageTool since 2020.

Recently, I started using an app called Anytype.
A mix of Notion and Obsidian. Great app.

Unfortunately, there is no web app, only a Windows app and an iOS app.
So, LanguageTool doesn’t work on Anytype app, which is a big problem for me.

Is there anything I can do to enable it, or do I need to contact Anytype about this?

Thanks in advance, Kostas

Hi, you could contact the Anytype vendor and ask them to add the integration on their side, the same was it’s possible with Obsidian (using a plugin). I will also let the developers of our desktop app know, but I think Anytype isn’t as popular as Obsidian.

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Thanks Daniel for your response.

I’ll contact them again and i’ll what is going to happen.
Please, as you said, let the developers of your desktop app know :wink:

Have a great day, Kostas