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LanguageTool for PaleMoon?

I use Pale Moon being a fork of ‘classic’ Mozilla Firefox. When trying to install LanguageTool in Pale Moon from the FF add-ons site, I get:

The add-on downloaded from addons. mozilla. org could not be installed because Pale Moon does not support Web Extensions.

Is it worth requesting an add-on for Pale Moon, i. e. something not being Web Extensions? I. e., is it worth filing an RFE or it will be ignored anyway (I do understand that developers’ resources are not limitless)?

Or, maybe, someone can explain how to re-pack LT so that it can be installed in Pale Moon?

Not really. WebExtensions is the standard now supported by basically all browsers (even Safari will soon support it) and not using WebExtensions would mean a complete re-write.

OK, got it. Thanks for replying!