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LanguageTool for Safari?


There is any plan to develop LanguageTool for Safari?
The absence of the LT Safari plugin is the only reason I’m using Chrome.

18% of people in the world use Safari (source:


I would love to see an extension for safari. Pretty sad that I have to use a different browser when writing something important.

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Apple will support WebExtension API in next version on Safari.
“And now, Xcode 12 supports the popular WebExtension API and includes a porting tool to make it easy to bring your extensions to Safari.” - source:

There is any chance to port Chrome extension to Safari?

LanguageTools is only reason why I’m still use the Chrome :frowning:

We’re re-considering support for Safari now because of this.


Great. If you are looking for a beta tester or any other help with that - I’m in! :slight_smile:

I am waiting for updates.

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I would love to test that too.

One more for testing.
I tried to compile the plugin in Xcode but it does not allow e to login to use the paid version.
But it seemed to work.

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Me tooo!!

Yes please! Safari or macOs support will be great.

+1 !!!

Any news on this??? Safari is one of the most used browsers by Mac people. Please consider adding it.

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Safari 14 (with Web Extensions support) is just released.
Any news @dnaber?

I can’t wait to switch form Chrome to Safari :slight_smile:

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We’re working on it, I can’t give a date yet.



Yeah, I love the Safari Extension. But I even love the idea of having a macOS addin/tool even more :slight_smile:


Any news @dnaber? It would be great to start new year with new browser with LanguageTool add-on :slight_smile:

Maybe someone has the self compile version made in xcode and share them here?

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