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LanguageTool for Sublime Text

Hey everybody,

Am working on a LanguageTool plugin for Sublime Text 2/3. I’ve got the basic functionality nailed down (I think) but I wanted to get some feedback on usability plus any other thoughts on how you think LanguageTool should be used with Sublime? It would be great if any Sublime users can have a look and let me know what do you think. Thanks!

Plugin package page and source code:

Thanks, looks promising. What’s the license of the plugin?

I haven’t decided yet but I was thinking maybe GPL-2 or later (to keep it in the spirit of LanguageTool).

Actually LT is LGPL, but both are fine.

Could you please add a useragent parameter with a value of sublime to the requests the plugin sends? This way we can create statistics about where the queries to our server come from.

Also, from looking at the code it seems you’re using the old LT API (it returns XML). This will be turned off in a few months. Please see for migration instructions.

Sure, will queue both changes for the next release.

Please let me know when you have decided about the license - I’d like to announce your add-on on our social media channel, but I’d prefer to do that once the license has been selected.

I’ve just added licensing information - the plugin is now available under GPLv2 or later.

Thanks, I’ve posted this to twitter and Facebook. One more idea: as you use the public server by default, you might want to link our privacy policy: Also, you could show a message on first start, explaining users that their texts will be sent to with the default settings. This is what we do in our Firefox/Chrome add-on.

Sure - am still trying to sort out migration to the new API but will make these changes soon afterwards.

Hi, I am new in this forum I see your Language tool plugin it’s working well. I will see everyone like that. My suggest is that keep it going.

the keyboard shortcut is being used by colorpicker package, and was not able customize the package in preferences> package settings.