LanguageTool hides textarea in firefox using 'streams' social software

A member of our community raised the issue that in Firefox with LanguageTool installed, the ‘post editor’ (this is an open source decentralised social network application) does not display and is not usable. I’ve looked in the inspector and see that LanguageTool is using a closed ShadowRoot, hence I am not able to figure out why this interaction is taking place. The post editor is a textarea which “opens on demand” and does contain several event listeners for auto-completing various text constructs (mentions, tags, and markup). Opening is done by un-hiding a wrapper div and setting some CSS styles via class definitions. The #shadow-root is inside the wrapper div and may not be aware of the “open on demand” happening in the parent wrapper div. That’s my best guess as to what is going on.

Since I am unable to observe any internal details, it is difficult to find a workaround. The webserver is running

and there are instances which offer ‘approval-only’ registrations (a link to find these instances is available on that page).

Hey, thanks for reporting this. Could you describe how exactly we can access a demo instance and where we can find the text field?

I’ll let you create a test account on . Click ‘Register’ and add an email, password and reason for joining. I’m in Australia and will need to approve this which might take a day depending on how our timezones interact. I think there’s also an email verification step. Typical account creation stuff.

Once approved, login and you will be asked to create a ‘channel’ which is a social network identity. Basically a display name and a username [a-z1-9]* .

Once you do this, there’s a hamburger menu in the top right. Click ‘Stream’. The post editor is in a panel in the top middle called ‘Share’. Click that. This is where the problem occurs. Click it with and without LanguageTool in the browser and you’ll see the difference pretty quickly. Normally there’s a title field and a text panel, but with LanguageTool installed you’ll only see the title field. There’s an ‘x’ at the top right to close it and try again.